Never Live To Impress Human

Every human created by God is unique in one way or another. Science made us understand that during sexual intercourse hundreds of sperm are released into the vagina but only one survives and reproduces, that is enough reason to make you know that you are special.

In every being created by God lies one special gift or talent, that one thing that when you engage yourself in it, you find it very easy and simple because it's already in you, so your job now is digging deep and discovering it and nurture it so as to be the very best in it.

Never engage in any activity Mr A or Mrs B wants you to but rather engage in it because you find joy and happiness engaging in it regardless of what people say or feel.

This is what happens when you live your life to impress Mr A or Mrs B

1. You will not be good at it.

2. You will not be happy living that life.

3. When you fall short finding you way back is always difficult.

4. Even when you eventually succeeds, right inside you won't feel joy and fulfilment.

5. When you live life to impress you always see yourself living a fake life.

6. Impressing human is almost impossible.

But when you live your life not thinking of impressing anybody..

1. You feel absolute joy and happiness.

2. You can always find your way back when you fall short.

3. When you succeed in anything you have joy and fulfilment.

4. Everything about this life is real.

5. You feel less tension.

6. No one can live this life better than yourself.

Main causes of living a life to impress others and how to overcome..

I will say that the main causes are low self esteem and No self confidence.

Whenever your self esteem is low and you have no confidence in yourself, you will always be a victim of this life.

Work on your self esteem and confidence by having faith and belief in your abilities and capabilities, not getting intimidated by someone else's achievements "cause you know what"? It's only a matter of time before you achieve same and even more (so far you work hard).

In conclusion: Your destiny is not in the hands of any being but only in the hands of God, So only live your life to impress your Creator.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out this. Living for others really breaks you down as an individual and kills your personality

  2. Its a waste of time if most of time we try to impress others. Right people will accept the way we are.Your post remind me one more time

    1. Complete waste of time cause the right people will always accept you as you are. Thanks for your insight @shahin

  3. You offer some great thoughts to think about. Plus, even if you wanted to impress other people, you'll never please everyone.

    1. You are right cause we can never please everyone.

  4. Thanks for sharing some very helpful tips and insights,I agree with the previous speaker, it is impossible to please everyone. We should be accepted for who we are

  5. Very thoughtful article ! love the way you expressed !


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