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Be Optimistic Avoid Pessimist

First i will start by saying that there is nothing you give your all (100%) to do that turns out to be a failure and also in life there are different principles guiding everything we do that when you follow the right principle you will always succeed.

Optimism is being hopeful and confident about the future or success of something and Pessimism just contrary to pessimism is lack of hope or confidence in the future.

The economy is poor so they say but in that very poor economic state people are still building houses worth millions, in that same condition of the country people are buying cars, making investments and most of all in this very poor economic state comedy and music concert events are organized and heavy fees are put on it but yet again people attend those events in numbers.

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Do you know what the people that always dwell on the poor economic state are the one's i call Pessimist.

They have not made any reasonable efforts to succeed or in most cases they put very little effort and fails and the next thing they just concludes there failure is as a result of the poor economic state (Avoid them in your life)

So I tell you today to change that mindset that the poor economic state is the reason things are hard for me (discard that notion)

Believe me the economic state may be poor/bad right now but with hardwork , diligence, optimism, and of course God's grace to crown your efforts, you will always succeed.

Always be Optimistic and avoid Pessimist.

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