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How to manage those thought of yours

THOUGHTS: which is an idea or opinion produced by thinking per say.

Thoughts are powerful. Whatever we were,are and will be are the products of what we thought over the years and thinking now(very important)
Every successful man you have seen,sometime in the past thought of it.

Have you ever imagine: what principle does your TV set operate on?
There are waves in the the atmosphere.
Assuming you don't have a decoder or an antenna, you can't watch what is happening in the world. So also, your mind. Your thought is the antenna. Success and failure is in the air. Through your thought you draw it to yourself.

When you don't like channel A you change to channel B. So also, when you don't like that thought, you switch to what you want to see in your life.

Whatever you think on consciously will inevitably come to pass and any man that can control his thoughts definitely has control over his life. So,mind what you think cause you will draw it to yourself

Think right and get the right result.
Every invention was a product of thought. Someone sat down for secs, mins, hours, days, weeks, months and years thinking about it. Today, you enjoy the product of their thoughts

So what you will be in the future is all up to you, you can choose to make or mar it.

Manage those thought of yours by getting rid of every dirty or negative thoughts immediately they flash your mind for a better tomorrow.

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