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Overcoming Depression

Depression is a mental state involving feeling of great unhappiness and sadness.

Depression usurp your energy, kills your drive and purpose in life thereby making everything seem difficult. But not to worry cause overcoming depression though not easy but it is not impossible, what is required is some gradual and well effective steps/tips to make you feel better once more.

When one is depressed it is very difficult to do anything about it even when you know what to do to feel better. Even friends will try most time but often fails due to the criticality of your situation at that very period. So it is very important that you take it easy and gradually you will surely get better.

When depressed to get better you have to take it one step at a time and never lose focus, Any resources available to you "use it" and do not be so hard on yourself cause it is a gradual process and patience is vital at this point though it may take a while but trust me few positive choices and steps taken day by day can help matters.

This few tips below can help you get better

*Social media : Social media is very essential if you are to be successful in overcoming depression cause relating to your friends on social media network and staying in touch as well can help you feel better.

*Face to face discussion : Look for a friend that you trust, a good listener, someone that won't judge your discretion at that very situation but can listen closely and pay attention to every details, let everything out to that friend to ease depression.

*Do that Hobby of yours : Before depression struck there are thing that makes you feel on top of the world, this is the time to do those things. I know from experience that it is quite difficult to do those things but try to push yourself to the limits even if your depressed self do not oblige, keep doing it and slowly you will get better. You can do with a little exercise, visiting friends, music, go out to feel the sunlight and whatsoever makes you happy.

*Good diet is necessary : Eating healthy and balanced diet can help overcome depression. Avoid alcohol intake, enhance your vitamin B by taking a B-complex vitamin supplement or you can do with some eggs, beans, chicken and citrus fruits.

*Discard Negative thinking : I know that when depressed you feel weak and vulnerable, that you are good for nothing in the sense you cannot help your condition at the moment, you feel hopeless as well, downcast, rejected and other negative feelings numerous to mention. Depression virtually puts negativity on everything around you, All these happens sub-consciously cause that is what depression brings about. Try to cross-examine every thought that comes across your mind and quickly discard those negative thoughts and think right.

Feeling better now? I guess so.. So glad i could help you overcome that depression.

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