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Commitment and Patience made me become(True Life)

Just thought i should share this story to inspire you and make you understand that when you are committed and patient in learning a particular craft that you have passion for and nomatter how difficult it is you will eventually become an expert in that craft.

Sitting amongst the congregation watching Miracle our keyboardist as he plays the keyboard so expertly and to the delight of everybody in the Church. One thought that flashed my mind which is "Can I Play Like Him"


The next Sunday i decided that i will be by his side as he plays maybe by watching him closely i will start playing like him, I did that for like one month but could not grab anything so i decided to let him know of my intentions and on knowing that he urge me to join them in practice during the weekdays Thursdays and Saturdays to be precise which i promised to  attend cause of the passion i had for it.

So on thursday that very week i went to Church for the practice and saw many of my church members that also had interest in learning keyboard as myself and they themselves have been learning for the past 6months before now and none of them can play something reasonable(Reason: they were not committed)

Miracle our keyboardist came and showed me the rudiments and also gave me a note that contains those basic things i need to know first before they now start there main practice for the coming Sunday and while they were practicing and as i watched him play and coupled with what he showed me earlier, it now began to make sense to me. Then after their practice he advised me to always come to church at my own leisure time to practice on my own.

After that particular day i now frequent the church at all time and on the days of our general practice i also report every difficulty faced during my personal practice to him which he now tells me how to go about it to get it right. This continued though at a time i felt like giving up but Miracle will always tell me to be patient that i will still be the main keyboardist of this Church.

For like eight months of my practice, I can now play but needed the confidence and something to drive me to one day play for church choir. So one Saturday that we are meant to have our rehearsal before Sunday ministration Miracle travelled without informing anyone owing to an emergency call from school cause he was on I.T(industrial training) and our choir needed someone to play for them and amongst everyone learning the keyboard i was the only one that could at least play something reasonable but for fear could not let me play not until our choir director approached me and gave me some word of encouragement that i agreed to play and everyone was amazed at my performance and after the practice they all congratulated me and that very day i went home very happy and satisfied.

Tomorrow being Sunday Miracle still has not arrived and it was time for me to show the whole congregation my potential and as God may have it i performed creditably well and the whole Church loved it and my Pastor was very happy because Miracle had earlier informed us that him and his family would be relocating to Abuja; Nigeria the next month.

Miracle came back on Wednesday just in time for practice the next day and on thursday he came for practice and was told of how i was able to play the keyboard while he was away and he was so happy on hearing that and also congratulated me and then reminded me of what he always told me that i will someday become the main keyboardist of our Church and we laughed over it and the next month came and it was time for Miracle to leave for Abuja and we organized a sent-forth party for him before he finally travelled. And ever since i have been the main keyboardist of my Church.

Moral Lesson: Some craft may seem difficult mere looking at it but if you do not make that move by asking questions on the actual way things are been done you can never learn it but if you can take a step today by making inquiries and after knowing, commit yourself to it and have patience cause becoming an expert in any field or craft involves gradual process.

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