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Hepatitis(Liver Damage)

Causes,Types/Symptoms, and Treatment/Prevention

This very ailment can be deadly if not given proper attention and treatment as well. I chose to write this very article to enlighten you because of the untimely death it has caused in our society, even amongst the people i know personally simply because they were not properly diagnosed and treated.

We will be discussing the Causes,Types/symptoms, and it's Treatment and Prevention.

Hepatitis is an injury to the liver with inflammation of the liver cells.

Hepatitis ie liver damage can be caused by the following:

* Three hepatitis viruses namely Hepatitis A,B and C
*Alcohol and some other toxins can also cause it, so watch your alcohol intake
*Obesity can also cause liver damage

Below are five main types of Hepatitis caused by virus:

Hepatitis A : caused by eating/consuming infected food or water.

Hepatitis B : this type is sexually transmitted(STD)

Hepatitis C : Caused by direct contact with the blood of a person who is infected.

Hepatitis D : Infection is through blood contact with infected person.

Hepatitis E : this type can be caused by anal-oral sex.

So now you know what can really cause damage of one's liver(Hepatitis) and the various types there is. But when infected how do you know that you are infected? you ask.. This is how you know>

Acute Phase 

This phase is not usually dangerous and at this very phase the patient normally:

* Loses appetite
* Have mild fever
* Vomits
* Loses weight as well
* Have diarrhoea
* Feels tired
* Have slight abdorminal pain
And when it gets worse it can develop to fulminant which can lead to death. as it gets worse you see symptoms like:
* itchy skin
* Dizziness
* Headache
* Yellow skin, white eyes and tongue
* Dark urine
* Circulation difficulties
* Light colored feces

But the good news is that it has a cure. Lets take a look at the cure for the various types of hepatitis:

Hepatitis A : This has no specific treatment but the doctor will always recommend abstainance from alcohol and drugs.

Hepatitis B : Patient that has this virus will require rest, high protein and carbohydrate intake to repair damaged liver cells.

Hepatitis C : Pegylated interferon and ribavirin should be prescribed.

Hepatitis D&E : For this types, prevention is the only cure for now. NO EFFECTIVE TREATMENT

As they would always say that prevention is better than cure.

Preventing Hepatitis 
For Hepatitis A

*wash your hands with soap each time you visit the toilet
*Only consume cooked food
*Drink only treated water
*Only consume fruits that can be peeled
*Always travel with hepatitis A vaccines while travelling to places that it is endemic

For Hepatitis B

*Practice protected sex
*Use only clean syringes that have not been used for the first time
*Do not share personal belongings like razor and toothbrush
*Only allow well sterilized skin perforating equipment on your skin

For Hepatitis C

*When infected cover open wounds
*Do not share needles and toothbrushes
*Reduse Alcohol Intake
*Do not share drug equipment
*Use only well sterilized equipment to pierce your skin

For Hepatitis D

Apply same measures in Hepatitis B cause only a person that is infected with hepatitis B can become infected with hepatitis D

For Hepatitis E

Apply same measures in hepatitis A prevention guidelines.

Hope this article saves a life, do share via the social media below to save a life Today.

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