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I can You can We all can

The world is just like an ocean with lots of fishes dwelling in it, striving to survive everyday. On that quest for survival they tend to encounter many challenges like being eaten up by bigger fishes like shark or being killed due to the ocean being infected by some harmful and dangerous chemicals.

Life itself is just like that, once one is born the challenge starts. But in the midst of those challenges the very factor that determines one's fate is "choice" whatever you are today or will be tomorrow is as a result of choices made yesterday.

Life is a struggle, people struggle everyday to survive and in the midst of that very struggle many give up but other strong willed people succeed simply because they believe that they CAN nomatter how tough the struggle gets.

Born into a poor family you have two choices one is accepting the condition of your family and living with it and the other is to believe that you CAN make a difference. There has been many true life stories of people that was born into a family of very poor background but in the cause of time became prominent in the society just because they refused to accept defeat in life struggles.

In the fight for survival it is normal and acceptable to feel frustrated, devastated, like giving up and all sorts of negative feeling that goes with life struggles. Nothing is wrong with all those feelings cause you get those feelings simply because you are even making an attempt but the only thing that can go wrong is when you decide to give up because of the nature of the challenge.

As the saying goes that 'when the going gets tough the tough gets going" that's a fact. The electricity we enjoy today was made possible by someone like you and i simply because he believed that he CAN regardless of the challenges he encountered. Same scenario applies to an expert in a field, he/she is an expert in that field just because they believed that they CAN and that very belief helped them to become an expert irrespective of the toughness of the challenges and struggles they faced.

So in every struggle, challenge, task and situation you face in life never accept defeat, giving up is not an option, just have that believe that YOU CAN nomatter the nature of the challenge and with God on your side to crown your efforts you definitely CAN.


  1. Nice post.. we just have to believe.

    1. Yeah believe is the keyword.. Thanks for your contribution


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