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Many times i hear people say i will never forgive him/her that he/she really crossed the line this time and hurt me so so bad. I know that some people can really act in a manner that will make you ask if they still have any conscience left in them.

Just imagine this very tale of a man that got married to a pretty lady and 5years after there marriage the woman could not conceive left alone giving birth to a single issue.

But as God may have it after series of prayers and medical consultations as well, on the 10th year of their marriage they were blessed with a set of twin "A boy and A girl". The couple were filled with joy and excitement, they went to church and gave thanks to God for finally blessing them after so many years of marriage.

Growing up they were given the best care possible right from there kindergarten to there tertiary institution, they did not lack anything that money can afford cause there parents were very wealthy but something tragic happened on the day of their Graduation that will lead to the very essence of this very article.

One of the twins Frank by name had issues with a member of a popular fraternity in the school over a girl and owing to that they had planned to ambush Frank on the day of Graduation. And on that very day while Frank  and twin sister were jubilating on there way back home, they were attacked attacked by the guy (Steve by name) and some members of his fraternity and on the course of the attack both Frank and his twin sister were killed in that very attack.

The news of there demise reached there parents and they were heart broken, which made the mother faint in the process but was later revived. The matter was reported to the police which led to the apprehension of Steve while others escaped. Now Steve himself was the only child of a poor widow.

Steve's mother on hearing that her only son was arrested by the police for murder burst into tears knowing that she would lose her only child if God didn't intervene. She went straight to the parents of the deceased to ask for there forgiveness meanwhile Steve on the other hand later felt really bad for what he had done saying that he was misled by his friends that he only intended to just warn Frank to stay off his supposed girlfriend but his friends did otherwise.

"I know you must be saying that it is Unforgivable" Really humanly speaking it is but Frank's parents did the unthinkable. They forgave Steve and dropped all charges against him after much plea from the poor widow, This very act of forgiveness got them a reward of 3sets of twin at a very old age(that's miracle you would say) but that would not have happened if they did not Forgive.

N.B: if Frank's parents could forgive Steve notwithstanding the weight of his crime, why can't you forgive.

Moral lessons

* Nothing is unforgivable
* Forgive and you will feel much better
* Vengeance is of the Lord
* No girl/boy is worth killing for

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