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Solutions To Procrastination 

Procrastination which is simply defined as the act of delaying or postponing something.

To attain success in life one has to overcome many vices and procrastination is on the top list of which when one succeeds in overcoming it in his or her life, success is just at the persons doorstep.

Let's take a look at some of the ills of procrastination and how to overcome them

Procrastination can cause failure in exams: when one has an exam to write it is expected that the person study and prepare so as to pass which is an easy thing to do but when one procrastinates feeling there is still enough time for the preparation, it can only result into one outcome which is failure. So whenever you have an exam for the students reading this take up your book and study do not wait a night before the exam and success is assured.

Procrastination can make one lose a job opportunity: With the high rate of unemployment especially in my country today one has to be smart to grab any opportunity that comes. Most often one brings it upon him or herself (is Unemployment) one may be reading a magazine or newspaper and while reading sees an advert and when that happens the person has two choices to make which is either to take the contacts immediately and apply for the job or continue reading other news and articles on the paper and when you do the later there is every tendency that the person will forget applying which also has a stipulated time before they stop receiving applications. So never procrastinate when you find an opportunity of such anywhere.

Procrastination can make an ordinary sickness chronic: most sickness that doctors term chronic today was just because of procrastination. Every sickness comes with a sign but most time we tend to ignore those signs feeling it is just minor not knowing that it can turn into a major problem if not given proper attention at that minor stage of it. Take for example some of the waist pain that people suffer at the later stage of there life is as a result of procrastination and negligence because i know of the case of a man that had a minor accident and in that very accident he was hit on the waist by a bike man but he never gave it proper attention because he felt it was just a minor scratch and with time the pain became severe and now he finds it difficult to move around freely without the help of a walking stick and all this ball down to procrastination because when the pains were still minor he was advised to see a specialist and give it the adequate attention and treatment but he Procrastinated, this is the reason whenever you have any minor problem with your health always give it all the necessary care and attention so that it do not advance to it's chronic stage.

Procrastination can make one remain an amateur: Becoming a professional in a particular field can be dented by procrastination because professionalism always demands a whole lot from an individual which when promptly executed can make one a PRO in whatsoever skill. Using musical instruments as an example here, whenever you are given a task by your turtor to execute do not leave it for later rather put it into practice almost immediately and you will definitely master that very skill.

Procrastination can lead to Poverty: Every rich man or woman in the world today never procrastinate anything that needed to be done no matter how little cause the success of anything lies on the level of importance or hardwork put into that very thing. So if you want to be rich and famous do not procrastinate anything that is worth doing, whenever that very force of procrastination comes simply overcome it by promptly attending to that very task without delay.

In conclusion, there is no positives in procrastination only negatives and with that in mind always execute every task PROMPTLY so that you do not have to regret later.

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