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Be Faithful

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Faithfulness which is an act of being true to something or someone as the case may be. Show me someone who is ever faithful and true in his/her deeds and i will show you someone who always succeeds in everything he or she does.

When it comes to being successful in life faithfulness is an important attribute that can contribute greatly to that. Unfaithfulness would only lead to failure and bad image as well. Believe me that greater number of people that are unsuccessful today is all down to untruthfulness and unfaithfulness in there activities with other people because as the saying goes "one good turn deserves another".

If someone entrust something into your hand it maybe a contract to execute and in the cause of executing the contract the person discovers that you are being unfaithful, believe me he can decide not to talk about it but after that particular contract is over he will never contact you again for future contracts.

Faithfulness which is also one of the fruits of the holy spirit plays a vital role in our success life.

NB it does not matter how unfaithful you have been in your deeds in the past but what matters is that now you are aware of the ills of unfaithfulness and you are also ready to turn a new live, it is never too late to do the right thing.

Be faithful and true to the people around you, your business partners, your clients and success is sure.

Remember faithfulness begets trust, trust begets opportunities and opportunities put you on the path of prosperity and success in life.

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