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Court Marriage OR No Marriage

Is Court Marriage Indispensable?

Just thought i should share this and get your significant opinions on this somewhat delicate issue.

Court Marriage: Marriage which is the formal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife but court marriage at the other hand simply means getting the law involved in the activities of your marriage like making decisions or having the final say when it comes to sharing of properties amongst the couples in the case of separation or divorce. Having said that i will now let you in on the inspiration behind this post.

Just this last holiday when i travelled to my hometown to cool off and have some fun with family, friends and well-wishers. I had a chat with one of my cousins who was of the view that she will never marry a man who refuses to carry out court marriage after the normal traditional and white wedding as it is the culture of our people here in Nigeria. I know you might be wondering why she made such decision. This is her Reason:

In case of the inevitable (is death) The tradition of igboland which is our tribes implies that the man's family will inherit the man's properties. She now went ahead to narrate a true life story she witnessed that made her decide about a woman she knows quite well who lost her husband and her husband's family came and claimed there property leaving her with nothing to train her children and that got her heart broken, So she decided back then that any man that comes calling must agree to a court marriage where they can sign some written agreement so that in future she do not face the same fate as the woman.

After our chat i was having some mixed feelings about the whole and decided i will publish it here to get different opinions in a broader sense.

So i asked how important is court marriage

I love to read your comments please feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below..

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