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Donate For Future

Donation is vital if you need a lifetime insurance

Donation which is an act of giving out something substantial for a good cause is a very important key to success that we seldom practice.

I always get angry when i see food or clothing being wasted by people who feel they have excess of it when they can actually donate to the less-privileged.

There are thousands of people who find it so difficult to secure just one meal in a day, why not set out time and pay them a visit, put a smile on there faces, give them a reason to live and remember you do not have to be one of the richest man or woman on earth before you can donate in millions or thousands but out of the little you have you can still donate some fraction of it to people you are better-off in the society.

There is one thing i have noticed about donation, whenever i make a "FREEWILL DONATION" i feel fulfilled, there is this joy and happiness that comes with it that make me know that i have done the right thing especially when i see happiness, joy and smile on the faces of people i donate to, it makes me feel very very good.

Freewill donations brightens one's future and opens unseen doors thereby reducing your stress and struggles in life. Freewill donations is just like putting your money in a fixed deposit account in a bank which in the long run appreciates before you now withdraw.

Make that donation today out of your own freewill expecting nothing in return and believe me in the future you will be amazed at what you achieve.

I say this because i know of a man though late(may his gentle soul rest in peace) that was so benevolent in his deeds, he makes freewill donations to our church whenever there is need for that and was the pillar of our church. He helped virtually anyone he comes across (so to say) and that very philanthropic act he displays made him lack nothing till his demise. He made donations a part of him and that made him a hero that will forever remain in our hearts.

In conclusion if you have made it an obligation to sometimes remember to make donations to the poor, the needy, the motherless babies home and the less privileged kudos to you on that and i say to you keep it up but if you have not made it an obligation i urge you to start today regardless of how little.

Fact: when you give/donate freely, there is always a reward that awaits you in the future.

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