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Should I Surprise Him This Valentine?

Relationship per say ought to be a mutual understanding, mutual sacrifice and mutual benefit. Making a relationship work has to be the effort of both parties involved to share happiness and difficult times equally.

We take time to x-ray our handy capabilities and sworn to make the other party happy so far it's comfortable and doesn't hamper our businesses.

A relationship built on integrity, love, understanding and selflessness should have no questions attached. I have so many friends whom have taken their time and money to embark on outings, recreational activities, shopping, vacations and so many other functions just to add more happiness, cordiality and acquaintance because they are comfortable to spend and make the other party feel more relaxed in the relationship.

This adventures cost money, but the truth is that these my friends has operated what is available and the relationship has been so smooth.

Cynthia(not real name) called me 3 days ago and said "please advice me oo!!" You know Stanley(not real name) and i has been together for one year and four months now, he is a good guy and you know he lost his job 2 months ago and we have discussed his state and he agreed to go into business but the fact is that he has no capital to start-up.

I want to surprise him this Valentine with #300,000 but i am in so much doubt, please you are the 10th person i am calling to seek advice from, on whether i should surprise him with the money this Valentine or not but these are my fears:

1. What if he dumps me when he becomes balanced

2. What if he turns out to be a womanizer when he acquires wealth and affluence.

3. Do you think he will still marry me when he has made it?

4. This #300,000 is an amount i can overlook anytime but i still expect more from Stanley if i do this gesture for him.

Gideon please talk to me!!

Now do we need to seek advice to help our partner in our relationship cause Stanley has never called me telling me he wants to take Cynthia to shopping which i know they have gone for shopping countless number of times even has gone for vacation one time if i could remember.

Please read, digest and offer your opinion on the above subject matter. Thank you..

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