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How Failure Lead To Success

Failure which is an act of being unsuccessful in a certain task or endeavor can lead to your success story IF you do not give up.

You can believe with me that 99% of all success stories are built on failures, delays and mistakes. It is never an abomination that one fails in an exam or task rather it is a wake up call to correct what made you fail at first and then give it another shot.

As the holy book rightly says that "delay is not denial" in other words whatever will be will surely be.

History made us to know that the inventor of light bulb "Thomas Edison" failed one thousand (1000) times in his quest to invent the light bulb that you and i enjoy today but yet he did not give up and that led to his success. The famous basket baller "Michael Jordan" lost almost 300 games, missed over 900 shots and failed to score the games winning shot 26 games and when asked the reason behind his success he says that it all boils down to his constant failure that those failures motivated him to shoot for success.


Believe: Have that believe first in yourself and secondly in what you do, never let anyone or any thought make you believe that are not good enough or you cannot succeed. Always have that self belief in your abilities and capabilities and you will surely succeed.

Perseverance: Thomas Edison and Michael Jordan would not have succeeded if they did not persevere. It takes perseverance to try something over and over again even after getting many rejections and failing countless times. No matter how many times you fail always persevere and you will surely succeed at it one day.

Focus: Never let any factor make you lose your focus, always be mindful of what goes on in and around you and also be mindful of the thoughts you welcome so you don't miss the mark.

Giving Up: This thought should never be considered cause it's never an option as the saying goes "Quiters never win and Winners never Quit" take note of that.

N.B: When you fail, do a review. What do i mean by that? Trying outlining what actually led to your failure and look for ways to correct your errors or mistakes so you don't fail and that very task again. Remember "Every step you take draws you closer and closer to Success.

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