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How to live a life free of worries and it's benefits

Research has shown that worrying over a problem can only lead to depression. Worrying over that problem can never solve that problem but just believing that you can be victorious come what may can solve it.

As the south africans would say "Akuna Matata" which means "Don't worry", I always mutter those whenever i find myself over whelmed by difficulties and problems of this life.

Let's take a look at some of the main causes of worry so we know how to overcome them..


This can drain an individuals self-confidence completely but let me tell you a thing about failure. Failure is an attempt that is not successful in other words is an attempt to a higher level that somehow did not work-out as planned but it shows one's hunger for success which will eventually be attained provided you do not give up and worrying over your failure cannot turn that failure to success but your persistence, believing that you will be successful the next time can.

Fear of the future:

People worry a lot about the future thereby causing some unnecessary trauma that could have been avoided. It is without doubt that people want to live a life of affluence and satisfaction in the nearest future but worrying your pretty head over that cannot assure that, so worry less about the future and concentrate on the now. What do i mean by that? Do the best you can to make your situation better today by putting your best in whatsoever you do today. Work hard, Persevere, Do not procrastinate and do not mind your little beginning cause your start is inconsequential  . if you can put those in practice then your future would be bright.

Making the right decision:

What is that right decision to make? What is that very decision that in the future when you reminisce, you will be glad at how it all turned out. That is always a cause for worry.. In this case what you should do is to dig deep, find out that very skill or craft that you are very good at and also comfortable at doing. I think that should make your mind up for you and also commit it to God as well and all will be fine in time.

What people feels:

People's thoughts and feelings about you should not weigh you down rather it should be an encouragement to you, knowing that people are actually aware that you exist and in the future so far you continue doing that which you are good at, have passion for, do your best to be better each day and never give up, A whole lot of them will start to take you serious but Never live to impress human.

Worrying over those Bills:

We all have bill to pay from time to time but worrying over those bills won't pay them rather it can lead to high blood pressure and some cases death. In the event of death that very bill will still be there unpaid, then what is the essence of the worry. Always make budgets before time that can settle those bills so that when the time come to settle them you do that with ease but when human efforts fails all you need do is pray and commit it to God cause he never fails.


Living a life that is free of worries does a lot of good in the life of anyone like..

Long life span:

Living a life full of worries can actually reduce one's life span cause of a lot of life threatening ailments that comes with it like high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and other numerous life threatening ailments. So worry less and your life span will be like that of Methuselah.

Avails your mind to positivity:

Worries can be a barrier to positive thinking. The time you spend worrying over those problems or difficulties you are facing could actually be used to think smart or rather think positive. Free your mind of worries today and avail it to positivity and optimism. Be Optimistic avoid Pessimism.

Keeps you healthy and strong:

When you worry a lot you always look worn-out, stressed-out, sick and weak. Tell me, what is the need? In that very state you find out that the problem is still there, then why do you worry over those problems? Worry less and you will always be healthy and strong.

In conclusion i would love to say that problems where here before we came into this world and will still be here after leave as well. So that being said always do your best in every situation or task you face and leave the rest to God.


  1. i think to many people live with stress and not stress free. this post explains beautifully why you should live a stress free life an dhow you can do it. i am gonna book mark this whenever i feel stress

  2. I can relate. I'm one of those who take stress alot.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. One thing you can add in your daily routine is to 'Meditate'..That reduces overall stress and makes you calm..The good thing is, this a very generic post about what everyone in their life time would go through and how to cope up with it..thanks

    1. You are absolutely right @Ravindra meditation do reduce stress.

  4. These are great tips to help me live a life full of less worry. I am a worrier, I worry about everything. I really need to stop, but it's so hard. I am going to take your advice.

  5. I know I worry about the future and past and it does cause a lot of problems. Hopefully soon when everything is settled I will be more peaceful and less stressed about things especially financial issues.

    1. It can only get better Rosey, try and imbibe that positive energy regardless of the difficulties. All the best.

  6. As I've gotten older I've learned to worry a lot less. I realize I can't control everything (who'd have thunk) so I tend to just let things roll off my back.


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