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How to get rid of whooping cough at home

by Xubi Thu

What is whooping-cough?

Whooping-cough is a common disease in young children which mainly acute respiratory infections caused by bacteria Bordetella pertussis and very contagious. According to WHO statistics, there are around 30-50 million people worldwide each year suffer from pertussis, of whom around 300,000 deaths, most of them under 1 year of age and in the underdeveloped countries. The disease is easily spread through the respiratory tract.

Causes of whooping-cough

The main cause of whooping-cough is invasion of the Bordetella pertussis bacteria into the upper respiratory tract and then localized and developed in the epithelium of the larynx, trachea, where the bacteria will Produces a toxin called Pertussis toxin - the main virulent protein that plays a role in the disease. In the days of frequent wet weather, neither hot nor cold air is the ideal condition for Bordetella pertussis to grow and thrive. Young children are susceptible to this disease.

The symptoms of whooping-cough in children.

     When infected with Bordetella pertussis, the children may have a mild fever or no fever, followed by dry cough, sneezing, runny nose, increased coughing at night, and coughing.

     The cough becomes more and more typical when the children is getting heavier, coughing suddenly occurs the time of day, the children can cough continuously for a while, then gradually decrease. If cough lasts longer, it can make children tired, uncomfortable, red eyes, watery eyes, and when children breathe, there will be hissing sounds like chicken hiss.

     If parents do not detect and intervene early for children to allow children to cough constantly prolonged, the children will become increasingly tired, can breathe fast and can’t eat. When the children cough with white sputum and vomiting, it gradually can cause serious respiratory failure of the children.

     In the early stages of illness, the children will have mild coughing episodes. The incubation period of whooping-cough is 7 to 10 days make the children become more cough with runny nose. When you breathe, there will be hissing like a hiss of the chicken. If it is not detected early and treated, the disease becomes worse, leading to coughing, loss of appetite, fatigue, tearing of the nose. After coughing, the children often blush or difficulty breathing due to the cough not enough oxygen to breathe, gradually causing respiratory failure. When the children do not have enough oxygen to breathe, it leads to acute respiratory failure and the children can die.

According to national immunization regulations and schedules, the children should vaccinate three full doses of whooping-cough vaccine to gain the highest preventive effect of up to 90%.

Stay away from people with signs of whooping-cough, if someone in the family who has whooping-cough is in need of treatment, the other member should wear a face mask when in close contact with the patient and direction of treatment. You check whole family because the disease is very contagious through the air.

How to treat whooping-cough in the children

      For older children who have whooping cough and uncomplicated complications, they will treat with specific antibiotics within 10 to 14 days as directed, avoiding the use tranquilizers, dysmenorrhea and antihistamines because these drugs are not effective but also dangerous for patient.

      Whooping-cough is usually treated with antibiotics and early treatment that is very important. Treatment can make infection less serious before the coughs develop. The treatment also helps prevent the spread of the disease to those in close contact (who spend more time around the infected person).  The treatment after 3 weeks of illness is almost ineffective because the bacteria have disappeared from the body of the children, even if the children still has symptoms. This is because bacteria have hurt the body of the children.

      For infants less than 6 months of age need inpatient treatment in the hospital, mothers should supply nutrients to children to increase the resistance, the child to eat liquid foods, and breastfeed many times during the day when they wants.

      During the treatment, the children should drink plenty of water, eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits, fresh fruit juices or eat easy-to-eat foods such as porridge, milk ...
The above are the causes and home remedies for whooping-cough, hopefully the article will bring a lot of useful information.

Post Credit: Authority Remedies 


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