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What You Think Today Shapes Your Future

Our mind which is also subconscious in nature is susceptible to many negative vices that is why it is very important to always keep our thoughts and minds safe from all those negative vices by simply being mindful of what we think.

You might want to ask yourself what and what do i actually think about most often? What is my thoughts limited to? Are those thoughts credible?

Take your time and provide an answer to all those questions cause what you think today shapes your tomorrow.

Most times people tend to limit there thinking to the difficulties they are facing at the moment, the worries and stress of life and thinking about those problems and difficulties everyday will only lead to limiting your mind in the sense that you can only see yourself in and around those circumstances, can't see beyond that cause of those thoughts of yours.

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Our actions and reactions in life today are all products of our thoughts yesterday and what our tomorrow will look like will be as a result of what we think today.

Turn your mind from that subconscious kind of mind to that conscious mind by always keeping your mind in check, be in total control, be the decider, that way you can shape your tomorrow the way you want it to be.

What you think today shapes your tomorrow in the sense that what you think today is able to determine what your future will become. What does that imply? It implies that if you think about the difficulties, failures, worries and stress of this life it will not change anything rather it will limit your thinking, making it very difficult to see beyond those unpleasant circumstances.

So you need to change the way you think today if you are not satisfied with it's current state.

Put an end to those negative thoughts that tends to limit your way of thinking and start thinking in an optimistic and positive manner.

Make it a part of you today, Always think of being the very best in anything you embark on and also try and discover your very purpose in life, work towards it and believe that you can achieve it.



  1. This is such a good reminder. Positive reinforcements are much needed!

  2. I am loving thks! This is a great reminder and it's not good to limit yourself. I have recently eecided to take control of my mine myself.

    1. Am glad you have. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is such a good reminder to stay positive. And it's true, the thoughts that we allow ourselves to think and the words that we allow ourselves to say, definitely shape our view of life and our view of ourselves.

    1. They definitely do affect our life either negatively or positively.

  4. This is so true! What we always think we become. It is important to be positive and enjoy life :)

  5. Got to stay positive no matter what! I have read books on keeping and having positive thoughts and it has helped during not so good days! I've also wrote a reminder to stay postive to every time I use my phone it's there!

  6. Totally agree with this. Positivity is a choice - albeit a hard one - but a beneficial one none the less.

  7. A good reminder that what we do now will affect our future. It is all interconnected.


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