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Greater Percentage of Man's Problems is Self-made

Do you believe that? Maybe after reading this very article you will be convinced that greater Percentage of Man's Problems is Self-made.

It is without doubt that there are evil forces, powers(both seen and unseen), demons and spiritual wickedness in high places that tend to disrupt our progress in life but that notwithstanding, greater percentage of the problems one face or encounters in life is within.

I will like to give some instances that will make you align with my verdict on this and if you have such problem you then know the right approach in getting it solved.


This has been a major menace in the world today. There are many factors that are major causes of this.. It can be as a result of poor governance, inability to ascertain the area one is very good at, lack of perseverance, fear of leaving someone's comfort zone, not taking that bold step forward, laziness and the list goes on and on.

You would notice that out of all the factors listed above just one has to do with the government's incompetence while others are Self-made. If you should dig deep in the life of anyone that is unemployed today you will find out that the person is the primary cause of it and not anyone else.


From my research recently and owing to the recent occurrences around me i found out that everyone in life gets an opportunity or numerous opportunities in their lifetime and the way or manner they utilize those opportunities is what determines if they will be rich or poor in life.

So for anyone that is poor today, that should be as a result of the way the person utilized the opportunities gotten in life.


There are certain principles to succeeding in life that if not properly adopted will only lead to failure(that is the fact)

As i earlier mentioned in this very article that some evil people use charms to manipulate people's destinies in life but most times we bring it upon ourselves due to our carelessness and nonchalant attitude. The only Solution to this is to distance ourselves from those people that we know are evil and trade with caution then focus on working hard to be successful with this you will definitely succeed.

Our major problem has always been our mindset and the consciousness of this charms effect on our well-being. If you can discard such mindset and focus solely on achieving your goals and being successful i assure you that you will definitely succeed.

In Conclusion: Remember that the only way forward is forward, do not adopt that mindset that there is a witch or wizard somewhere that is responsible for your problems cause greater percentage of one's problem is within, work on yourself first. 


  1. That's one enlightening post. Much appreciated! (Y)

  2. hey
    a very nicely and helpful article keep up up the good work
    thank you

    1. Thanks for the compliment Parth,I appreciate.


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