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Never use someone else's failures as an excuse not to keep trying

Every human being created by God has an appointed time to succeed which is determined by our approach or commitment.

What do i mean by that? You may ask. What i am trying to say in essence is that there are certain principles to success in life that our be very approach to those principles determines if we will fail or succeed.

Moving on to the very topic i want to talk about in this very write-up. Someone else's failures should not be an excuse to stop trying or to give up.

I say this because of some recent happenings around me where i see people sit and analyze someone else's efforts and use that to judge their present predicament.

Few days ago a friend of mine told me a story about someone he knows that was given huge amount of money by his parents to start up a business multiple times and he misused the money and for that he should not be blamed for not succeeding cause such opportunity or privilege has not been given to him.

Now, this is a very wrong and pessimistic mindset to have which if not changed will only lead to failure at the very end.

You see one thing about such mindset is that it makes one lazy because of the knowledge that someone still failed after been given a huge amount of money to do business and he then compares it to himself who has not gotten such help and starting small with such mindset becomes difficult.

One thing you should know in life is that everyone's destiny is different. 

Some people were born with a silver spoon and others weren't so which ever class you find yourself in, you just have to adapt by first and foremost accepting that very class and then making the best out of it.

Some people were meant to succeed at an earlier stage of life and others at the later stage, we just have to be patient and commit ourselves a 100% to whatsoever we do and when the time is right nothing can stop us from succeeding.

So because someone else failed multiple times doesn't mean that you will fail multiple times as well, All you have to do is to concentrate on making the best out of every single opportunity that avails itself and never stop trying cause the more you try the closer you get to your success story.

Do not want for someone to give you that huge amount of money, learn how to maximize that little income that you have at the moment. 


  1. Great advice. Like I always say, we all have different destinies.

  2. Everyone has their own journey and everyone has their own way of getting to their goals. You can't ever expect two people to have the same stories!


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