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Simple tips for having that desired peace of mind

Let me start by saying that having that desired peace of mind is the best thing that can ever happen to someone. it goes way beyond financial satisfaction cause having the whole money in the whole universe can never give you peace of mind.

Peace of mind as defined by google as a state of mental and emotional calmness, with no worries, fear or stress. in this very state you experience this sense of happiness and freedom.

Continue reading below to find out some simple tips that when you put into practice you can achieve that desired peace of mind.

                               Be honest in your deeds:

Honesty is a very important virtue that can give one that desired peace of mind. When you are honest in your deeds with people, be it a business transaction or any form of human relationship you feel peace and self satisfaction because your conscience is clear of all accusations.

                              Always do the right thing:

Nothing keeps the mind at peace like doing the right thing. Sometimes it can be difficult to do the right thing but when you do that which is right, it gives you peace of mind.

No matter the pressure or the incentive that you might get to do wrong, neglect it and stand firm on that which you know is the right thing to do always.

                             Live your life and not Another's:

When you try to be like Mr A or B, you can never be at peace with yourself because right inside, you know this is not you but when you live your life you feel that sense of happiness and freedom that is incomparable.

                             Take things easy:

In your quest to succeed in life, take it one step at a time and not work yourself up over nothing. Live your life in a slow and steady basis and i assure you in due time you will succeed. <<Easy does it>>

                             Free your mind of all worries:

One thing that is certain in life is that trouble will always come but when we worry we make it double. To have that desired peace of mind you need to free your mind of all worries cause worrying over those problem will never bring solution but rather it can only worsen it.

                            Avoid impending conflicts:

Whenever you notice an impending conflict maybe due to a little misunderstanding with someone it will give you peace if you try all you can to avoid it.

Even if you are the vanquished as a result of that, does not really matter as long as you achieved that desired peace of mind at the end.

                           Learn to Give:

As the holy scripture says that "it is blessed to give than to receive". if you are a giver you notice that you feel a sense of happiness, joy and freedom  whenever you give. So make it a habit today to always give to the less privileged.

                           Do not take everything you hear serious:

Some things are just not worth the stress. Always scrutinize what you hear from people and know which and which to prioritize so you do not get worked up over irrelevant matters.

There you have it, you can have that desired peace of mind by practicing those tips. Do share your thought in the comment box below.. Till next time.. Be Good.



  1. I always try to provide free time for myself

    1. It's very necessary i must tell you, keep doing it.

  2. Thanks for this encouraging list. I have a giver spirit but don't feel I've been giving as much as I can. Lately, I've been feeling a little selfish. This post has put some things in perspective for me. Have a wonderful day forward.

    1. Am glad i could make an impact with this,you do have a wonderful day too.

  3. I love this! They were all very good tips. It's very important to have peace of mind!

    1. Peace of mind is indeed very important. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I am chasing the desired peace of mind in a kungfu temple next year in China ;-)


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