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Determination Leads To Success

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Determination which is one of the most important attribute one should possess to be successful in life.

I would love to first and foremost outline 2 definitions of determination that best describes it for in dept knowledge of it.

   Definition of Determination:

1. The act of determining (To set the boundaries or limits of) or the state of being determined.

2. The quality of mind which reaches definite conclusions; decision of character; resoluteness.

In the quest to attain success in life you encounter many challenges in life which your very approach to those challenges of life determines if you will attain success.

As the second definition of determination above makes us understand that the quality of mind which reaches definite conclusions; decision of character; resoluteness.

Let me try to decipher that very definition bit by bit cause that's a perfect definition for it. It says here the quality of our mind to reach a definite conclusion in other words teaching, training or making our mind reach a definite conclusion, definite in the sense that you have weighed all your options and decided to make and stand for a particular decision in order to reach a set goal and it also talks of resoluteness which is quite similar to determination, being resolute in a certain decision regardless of the pressure.

Moving on every success story you see today or read about today involved or involves a whole lot of determination to be achieved. Negative utterances like can i make it, can this be possible, can this be achieved, what if i fail, it is too difficult to achieve, and others of sort are all enemies of success which can only be defeated by a positive mindset and a determined spirit.

In that very difficulty or challenges you encounter be determined and not be swayed by the temporal pressure that comes with it.

In Conclusion: To attain success in life let your determination be strong, know this that those difficulties and challenges are just for a while. If you are determined you will definitely attain success in life.


  1. Love it! Determination is so important!

    1. Glad you loved it Sarah thanks for stopping by.

  2. My motto for life is to hunger for success. It doesn't matter how many times I fall before I get there, I'll pick myself up each time and keep going. Great post!

  3. One must have determination in order to have success. Without determination, failure is almost a guarantee.

  4. Being determined gets stuff done! It is totally necessary in this work.

  5. Determination not only gets things done, but it gets them done right. Going half way helps nothing.

  6. I am totally agree with you. Determination plays major role to stay motivated and lead to success.


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