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Ills of Desperation

It is with great pleasure and gladness of heart that i pick my pen once again to write for you my beloved readers and also thank you immensely for your continuous patronage of this very blog and i must say that i am very glad this very day as i write on this very topic "Ills of Desperation".

I would love to start by outlining it's comprehensive definitions so that you get a clearer picture of what am about to write about on this very blog post.

What is Desperation? Desperation according to Wiktionary which is my favorite dictionary because of the details they provide when it comes to words definitions is

1. The act of despairing(feeling, expressing or caused by despair) or becoming desperate, a giving up of hope.

2. A state of despair(to give up as beyond hope or expectation) or utter hopeless(giving no ground for hope,promising nothing desirable) abandonment of hope, extreme recklessness(the state or quality of being reckless or heedless of, taking unnecessary risks) reckless fury.

With the above definitions i believe you now have a clearer picture of the word desperation.

Now with the above descriptions of the word desperation you notice that the major cause of it is Giving up or Losing hope.

I know quite well that some conditions or situations can really be differences but i am telling you today to always see beyond every awful or difficult conditions you find yourself today or in the future, try to imagine the positives that will come later so that no condition will ever make you take some reckless decisions out of desperation. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Below are some Ills of Desperation:

1. Aftermath Regret: Most thing or acts done out of desperation are bound to fail. When you do anything or take some reckless decisions you find out that you always regret at the end of it all when failure is the outcome.

2. Mistakes: Of course mistakes are bound to happen in desperate acts because that very act was not well thought-out in the first instance so to avoid those mistakes avoid doing anything out of desperation rather carefully think it over before taking any action.

3. Short life span: Desperation can lead to an early grave in the activities of some illegal dealings because of loss of hope in the current situation that one may find him or herself thereby causing the person to take some reckless decisions that is capable of leading to someone's early grave when caught.

4. Higher percentage to fail: Whatsoever one does out of desperation has a higher percentage to fail. Reason being that, that very act was not properly planned or thought-out. It is without doubt that anything well planned and thought-out has lower percentage to fail because in the cause of thinking and planning a lot of factors were considered and taken care of.

      My Advice:

Do not be desperate to achieve anything or attain any heights in life rather hope on it getting better and it will surely get better at the right time.

Have that positive mindset that you will eventually succeed regardless of the state of that very situation you are in at the moment.

Remember; There is light at the end of the tunnel.

      Till next time people thanks for reading. #gidokblogcares 


  1. It's a great post , totally agree. We all became so short tempered and gets desperate so quickly. I like your advice for not getting desperate and hoping for betterment .

  2. Thanks for sharing. The points you have stated are very apt.

  3. Great post. I like the way desperation is disected and explained. The advice you gave is more than fitting. Thank you for sharing.

  4. concise and inspiring... your blog sure lived up to it's bidding. Its true: desperation does more harm than good...

  5. I wasn't sure what approach to the topic you were going to take but I get your post. Everything in moderation is a dictum I encourage. We all have moments of desperation and taking a step back to reflect helps.

    1. Am glad you got my point and stepping back to reflect is very important at times like this.

  6. I definitely think that having the right mindset and a positive attitude will be able to help you achieve more in life. I often tell myself that positive attitude produces positive results.

  7. Nice Share it's really very Informative


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