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Happy New Month

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You are alive today in itself is a miracle, a lot of people that started the month of July with you didn't live to see the end of it and make no mistake about it, it's not out of your righteousness or perfectness but it's just by God's grace so you have every reason to be thankful to God Almighty.

You might have some set goals for this year that is yet to be achieved but as the popular saying that when there is life there is hope. All you need do is work smarter this new month, have that determination towards achieving those set goals that is yet to be achieved and God Almighty will make you achieve them.

Once again i say <<Happy New Month>>

          <<Welcome to August 2017>>


  1. Yes I believe that everyday is a new day and new hope. There are a lot of things that we opt to consider. We should always be thankful for our everyday life.

    1. We should always be thankful regardless the difficulty we face.


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