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Effective ways to stop vomiting and throwing up bile

  What is throwing bile?

This is different from regular vomiting because bile excretes fluid from the gall bladder. Usually, vomiting includes undigested food and a certain amount of bile. A number reasons that might cause throwing bile comprise digestive issues, respiratory problems or dehydration.

This is a typical situation that everyone might have met in a lifetime once. Most people experience vomiting bile in the morning without any reason. If the color of your vomiting is yellowish green, the chance of it is throwing up yellow bile.

Gastric juice will not appear in the gut if the process is taking place as usual. When there is something happens in the digestive process, the pyloric sphincter will open abnormally. From there it follows, food starts from the small intestine mixes with those from the gut, which leads to a conventional yellow gastric fluid.

Properties of bile
Bile is a type of fluid that is secreted by the liver and stored in the gall bladder. Two primary functions of bile including working as a mean to excrete toxins or discharge from the blood and supporting the fat digesting progress. Alternatively, bile brings excess cholesterol out and remove it via the gastrointestinal tract.

Bile comprises of chlorine, fatty acids, calcium, bilirubin, potassium, water, bile salts, as well as bicarbonate ions. Bile salts can be recycled and disguised into the duodenum and comprised with other substances to make up bile. Bile salt will be passed to the liver through portal circulation. Bile supports the system to digest the breakdown products in the stomach then combine those with lipids to create micelles.

Bile is dark green or yellowish brown fluid. It is sometimes called the color of grass. Hence, it can be called vomited green bile, green vomit or bright yellow vomit.

Why do we throw up?

Throwing up bile might be caused by bile flux, gastrointestinal issues, stomach emptiness, respiratory inflammation, pyloric valve malfunction, alcohol or drug, dehydration, foods, and cyclic vomiting syndrome. Besides, morning sickness can cause throwing bile too.

Preventions of throwing up bile

Stay hydrated

The health benefits of water are undeniable because it can significantly enhance the immune system and eliminate all germs and other harmful bacteria. Besides, water also prevents the additional loss of bile. It can be explained why your system craves for water after you get food poisoning or digestive problems.
Ensure that you drink sufficient amount of water daily (about 2 liters). Alternatively, consuming fruit juice is another good option.

Take frequent and small meals

Consuming small and regular meals on a daily basis can reduce the likelihood of suffering throwing bile due to the reduction of the pressure on the intestine. Besides, it also supports your stomach and eases a certain amount of calories. When you take a heavy meal, the stomach needs to work harder to digest, hence it might make bile reflux.

There are several types of food you can consume that is good for the stomach such as fruit juice, salty snacks, and salad.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Smoking will cause dehydration. Therefore, it might cause throwing up bile with saliva. Prolong smoking might cause COPD, or several respiratory diseases hence, yellow bile can be thrown up with mucus when the lung is massively inflamed. Consuming too much alcohol can have an adverse impact on the digestive process and worse, cause permanent damage to the stomach. In other words, alcohol is one of the major factors that can lead to cancer. Hence, it is recommended not to drink more than two cups of alcohol daily.


Since there is an allergic problem with particular food, therefore, those foods should be avoided at most. However, consuming fresh and safe foods will promote your health and prevent throwing up bile.
Avoid trigger foods not only to keep throwing up bile, but it also keeps risk factors that cause digestive problems away. That trigger food includes caffeinated drinks, mint, onions, chocolate, carbonated beverages, spicy foods, and vinegar – based dressings.


You can apply these following home remedies to reduce vomiting bile. Those are included:

  • Cinnamon: Steep one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of hot water and consuming it
  • Ginger: mix the ginger juice with some lemon juice and then drink several times a day. Alternatively, drink some ginger tea with honey
  • Fennel: this herb is meant to calm the digestion system. Add some of the fennel powder into a cup of hot water and steep it. Consume it when it is strained.
When to see the doctor

In case, these home remedies do not work; you should consult your doctor. And certain factors might cause you to go and see a doctor as well such as breathing problems, throwing up red substances, chest pain, severe abdominal pain and weight loss without trying.


1.    If I threw up green mucus, is it throwing up bile?

Various reasons can lead to throwing up green mucus such as inflamed lungs, common cold, allergies, and esophagus. You should consider your system to find out the exact reason for green mucus.

2.    What should I do when I can’t stop throwing up?

If you are suffering from food poisoning, you should let the throwing up process continue and consuming sufficient amount of water after that. If the situation doesn’t improve, then you should consult a doctor for proper diagnosis.

3.    How many meals per day should I eat?

4 to 6 is the best answer for this question. However, each person might have a different amount of food consumed in each meal so the best suggestion is that you can consume a larger amount of food in the three main meals and consume some snacks or fresh fruit in the small meals.

4.    Why should I lose weight to reduce throwing up bile?

For those who are suffering from obesity, bile flux is a common circumstance that they meet. The pressure from the digestion system might have a significant impact on the internal organs especially intestine and stomach. Hence, losing weight is a perfect idea to reduce throwing up bile.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of this! I didn't know all of this, though I've learned more about the gall bladder after recently having mine taken out.


    1. Thank you so much. Throwing up bile is a common problem therefore I hope this article will help you learn more about how to stop it and improve the situation

  2. Since having my gallbladder removed and changing up my eating, I learned the best way is to eat smaller portions, drink more water, and listen to my body. All listed here :)

    1. Yes it is better to divide the big meals into small portions so that your stomach does not need to work so hard to digest the food

  3. You tips are very helpful and insightful. I will definitely use these tips to help me when I feel like vomiting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I've had this problem since having my gallbladder removed. I've found limiting my dairy consumption helps me the best.

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    ❥ tanvii.com

  11. I hadn't realized that some people are experiencing this situation. This thorough post will be a relief for those that are looking for tips to get through it! Thank you for sharing such a helpful post.

  12. These are such great tips. Will be very helpful for a lot of people. I will share it with one of my friends who is dealing with such problem. Thank you so much

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  19. Still another easy homemade treatment for vomiting would be always to peel off the lemon dry and skin out it. Burn off up the epidermis and then acquire the ash. Just take the ash using a while to acquire alleviation. Throwing up could be signs and signs of the sort of disorders. Indicated by means of an uneasiness at the gut, vomiting may result in nausea, although perhaps maybe not always.There are many home treatments for example vomiting. Make a paste of rice in warm water and also then add the powders of cloves and cardamom plus several sugars levels.There are home remedies for vomiting child, through which you can get plenty of remedy for vomiting.


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