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How to Boost Energy(infograghics)

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When it comes time to head back to work after eating, most of us hit that post lunch energy dip. Usually, it will settle in and is hard to shake without turning to coffee or a sugary energy drink or soda. However, GetVoIP has an infographic that helps you boost your energy at work.

They have taken scientific research and boiled it down into 20 easy tips to naturally lift your energy when it is low. Things like exercise, listening to music, standing up, and drinking water all can drastically improve your day.

Others might not be as obvious, like looking at videos of cute animals, walking in the park, and even laughing can all naturally help with energy levels.

It is important to remember that not everyone is the same. Some of us are hard-wired to wake and fall asleep at different times. This also means that we are most productive at different times of the day.

You can see the full list on GetVoIP.
20 ways to Boost your Energy


  1. Energy and sleep has been a major problem in my health right now. But exercising has helped in my rediscovery of right sleep pattern!

    xo, KatrissaTalks

  2. I have tried water with lemon in the morning but not with hot water. I will definitely have to try this next time. Cutting out the carbs is helpful. I have tried this and it works.

  3. I try to boost my energy with a ton of caffeine. I really need to try some of these other ways!

  4. very useful iconography! thanks fr sharing. One can never have too much energy. I really like nature parallels here

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. I love this! I am a bear for sure. The water with lemon is an interesting trick that I haven't heard of before. I have heard of the coffee one and I purposely wait until I get to work before I have any.

  6. i love these ideas for boosting energy. i feel like recently i have had low energy levels, and i think it's becuase i'm not getting into a good sleep routine... gotta work on that!

  7. Here in Spain where I am, they eat lunch around 2-3 p.m. I find myself basically falling asleep around 6 if I don't have a coffee.

  8. lovely site and one can see so much work has gone in it, thanks for sharing


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