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Best Sleeping Positions (infographics)

Getting a good night's sleep is essential to staying productive. While there is plenty of scientific research around that can help ensure a good night's sleep, like listening to white noise or using blackout shades, if you have a physical injury, that adds a whole new level. Some injuries or pain points on the body, like lower back pain or hip injuries, can prove impossible to sleep on if you are don't know the correct way to position yourself. 

When you lose a night sleep, scientific research has shown that you unfortunately can't simply make it up the next night. There are plenty of tips and tricks for boosting your energy when you are tired, but getting a solid night sleep when you have an injury is the most important first step.

Dromma put together a guide to sleeping positions that will help you get a full night's rest and stay productive the next day even if you have an injury. From a shoulder injury to broken ankle, you need to certain that your body is properly positioned to get the optimal amount of sleep. This will help with both injury recovery and ensure you stay productive in your work for the next day.

You can see the infographic below:

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