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15 Must-Listen TED TALKS on Creativity (Infographics)

We have all been in that moment staring at a blank computer screen just stuck in a rut. The first step to overcoming a mental block is changing your frame of mind from self doubt to believing you are capable. Whether you know how to get your creative juices flowing or are looking for some motivation to get you there, being inspired is always a step in the right direction.

The popular media company TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design) has got inspiration down to a science. Devoted to making powerful ideas accessible and sparking conversation, innovation and change, their global community welcomes thought leaders to share their wealth of knowledge and motivate you to spread your greatest ideas. Ted speakers range from a wide variety of professions including authors, producers, entrepreneurs and more. Lecturers are thinkers, doers and idea-generators!

To help you replenish your creative spark and get inspired, Invaluable compiled a list of 15 must-listen Ted Talks on creativity. Browse the highly viewed list of speakers below, find your favorite and get inspired:

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