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Do Not Be Lost in the Moment Stay Focused

To attain that very height or level that you so dream of this year 2018 it is very important that you stay focused regardless of the momentary celebration, merry or fun you might engage yourself in this year, Do not be lost in the moment stay focused.

It is a very good thing to once in a while take a moment off those busy schedules, stressful day at the office, daily routines of waking up early and dashing off to work that early so you don't miss the bus or rather you don't be late for work.

It is very healthy and important to take a moment off those and have some fun with family and friends once in a while this very year but the main thing that i want to point out here is that in that very moment try and stay focused so you do not take some actions that you will live to regret after the momentary fun.

It's a new year and as such people set goals and also make resolutions but to be able to achieve your set goals and also stick to your resolutions you need to stay focused so that come December 2018 you will be glad at what you were able to achieve because you stayed focused.

A single mistake made in the moment can make you lose focus thereby ruining your set goals for the year. So whenever you feel like losing it "Put an end to it".

This is my own little way of ushering you all my beloved readers into the year 2018, though late but happy new year all the same and STAY FOCUSED.  


  1. I couldn't agree more, people encourage making mistakes and being reckless while young to "live in the moment" but it shouldn't encourage poor behavior and faulty decision making. Great post!

  2. I like the concept of this post. We do all make mistakes but we should definitely learn from this mistake and not excuse it at an in the moment thing.

  3. You are totally right, if you don't focus you can make a silly mistake and it can cause a lot off issues x

  4. Yes! It's important to focus when it is work or family, but otherwise I do sometimes love getting lost in the moments. <3

  5. That is so true! Focus can make or break a lot of stuff. It's imperative to turn a blind eye to distractions

  6. True, if you don't focus it can cause some mistakes so it's important to keep an eye on everything!


  7. So true, we need to be more practical & focus on things rather flowing with the emotions whether it is happy or sad.


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