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25 Ways to Get Organized in 2018 - Gidokblog (Infographics)

Living a more organized life has tons of benefits for your health and mind. It can allow you more time for the relationships in your life and foster productivity and good physical fitness.

A study at UCLA showed that women were more likely to be stressed if their homes were described as “cluttered”. The men seemed less affected by this, which lead to strain in their relationships. A clean home is therefore equated with less stress and a better home life.

Additionally, those who live an organized life make better food choices. In another study, people who worked in a clean space were twice as likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar than people who worked in a cluttered space for ten minutes. People who make a plan and record their progress are more likely to stick to their fitness plans as well.

Being organized has been shown to boost productivity and improve sleep as well. These organization tips are a great place to start for improving your organization in 2018.

Organize Your Home:

Having an organized home can clutter your brain with information leading to stress and a rift in the family dynamic. One way to keep your home area clean by giving every drawer a purpose and organizing the contents within (use dividers or even old egg cartons for smaller items).

Keep clutter to a minimum by hiding visible cords and setting up a paper processing station for mail or other documents. Make use of the storage areas around your home (like under your bed) and put the rest in a storage facility instead.

Organize Your Work Day:

Studies show that employees are “highly influenced” by the cleanliness of the place that they work. Keep yourself and your coworkers more productive by keeping everything in its place in the office.

For yourself, you can organize your digital world by clearing your downloads folder, cleaning out your inbox, or organizing your digital desktop. Prepare for Monday on Friday to ensure you always know what to prepare for the week ahead!

Organize Your Family:

The University of Michigan indicated that the cleanliness of homes children grow up in can predict their educational attainment and even their future earnings! Make sure your kids enjoy a stable, organized life by keeping a clutter free home.
You can store game controllers out of site with velcro, store stuffed animals in a bean bag cover, or include a toy drawer in your kitchen for when you are cooking. Organized habits like having a family command center for important things (think keys, shoes, notes, calendar) or planning out your children’s outfits in advance can really improve morning time stress.

Organize Your Meals:

Those who planned meals were less likely to be overweight and obese. It’s much easier to stick to a meal plan if you plan ahead. Cooking in bulk and freezing meals for later can be a time saving lifesaver (you can do the same thing with smoothies).

Cook three types of protein at the same time by dividing a pan with tin foil. You can also create grab-and-go portions for snacks, and attach a dry erase board onto your pantry door to enjoy further organization.

Organize Your Social Life:

Organizing your social life can help you make time for everyone and everything n your life. The University of Texas found that fostering strong relationships can lead to better health and a longer life. You can use the free time you already have by scheduling lunch or coffee dates during your day.

Save time by charging your phone in airplane mode and plan consistent times to chat with family who doesn’t live nearby. You can “clean up” your social media accounts to get a fresh look on social as well. Running out of date night ideas? Make a date jar by writing down fun activities then picking them out later when you’re not sure what to do!

Follow these tips and you’re sure to see the benefits of living an organized life in no time!

Guest Post Credit: https://www.simplyss.com/blog/25-ways-better-organize-life-2018/

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