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How Long Do Household Items Last (infographics)

Most people know that it can be a huge hassle when household items break in your home. Whether it is something small like the microwave or a major expenditure like a hot water heater, if you’re a homeowner it still means money coming out of your pocket.

When you can anticipate when these repairs and replacements will need to be made and planning accordingly for them, you can save up the money needed for the project and avoid going without a working appliance.

You can preemptively replace the items that have seen better days if you have the money or start saving up while you monitor them. Our friends at Simply Self Storage came up with this handy infographic that details the lifespan of interior and exterior items in your home and appliances that might need replacing. Look over it carefully, there may be some items you didn’t realize were nearing the end of their life!

While this list is not definitive, it’s a great place to start when determining which items in your house you might need to keep an eye on. As long as you’re proactive keeping your household running should be a breeze!

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