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Alcohol license Dallas TX

                                       "3 Tips for First-Time Restaurant Owners

There's more to opening a restaurant than just firing up the grill and laying out some nice tablecloths for your guests. Before you quit your job and go into the restaurant business full-time, use these tips to ensure that you're making smart, well-informed decisions. Your future success is at stake!

1. Plan Ahead: Did you know that it can take months to get an alcohol license Dallas TX? It can also take awhile to get things like zoning permits, business loans and kitchen equipment delivery. Give yourself at least 6-8 months between buying a piece of property and actually opening a restaurant with it. You'll want plenty of time to accomplish all of the behind-the-scenes minutiae, especially if you're planning on a grand launch with all of your amenities on full display.

2. Train Your Staff: When it comes to what people remember about a restaurant, the staff is second only to the food. If your waiters are inattentive or your hostesses are rude and ungracious, you could lose out on repeat customers even if your menu is the best thing since sliced bread. Make sure that you're training all staff members to be courteous, professional and efficient. If necessary, incentivize them with rewards and benefits that will make them eager to give good service.

3. Jealously Guard Your Capital: Don't even think about opening a restaurant if you don't have enough money to support it for the next six months. It'll take awhile to break even, let alone generate a profit, and you have to be able to afford running a business until the tide finally turns. This means that you can't go around spending your capital on frivolous or unnecessary things. Be a penny pincher until you're absolutely certain that you can afford upgrades and extras.\n\n\nOpening a restaurant can be an exciting endeavor, but you should be careful if you don't want to wind up as one of those failed restaurant owners in entrepreneurial horror stories! Take your time, heed this advice and start an establishment that's destined to succeed. Good luck!"

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