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Orthotics are a tool used for the biomechanical control of the feet, most often for the conservative control of flat feet. Custom orthotics from our podiatrist in Altamonte Springs, FL, enable you to walk naturally despite abnormalities in your feet. Many have made the comparison that orthotics compensate for your feet like glasses do for your eyes.
Just like eyeglasses, there are varying levels of prescription, precision, and effectiveness in what people will call an “orthotic.” There are also a wide range of pricing that typically does not reflect the effectiveness, longevity, or value of the device. The marketplace has many examples of orthotics being sold for hundreds of dollars when they are no more than over-the-counter arch supports costing the vendor a few dollars per pair. Even custom, functional orthotics made by the standard methods only cost the provider a few cents in plaster, time, and the laboratory fee.
The state-of-the-art in orthotic data acquisition, design, and fabrication is the Bergman Orthotics Labs laser system, which is what we use at our foot and ankle clinic near Winter Park, FL. It has upheld this position since 1991, and although other systems have capitalized on some of their technology, they are not noted to be optimum.
The primary points of advantage with the Bergman orthotic method are as follows:
  • The laser scanner takes 9,000 data points of reference in three dimensions from the bottom of your feet and ankles.
  • A point cloud is visualized on the computer for measurement and angular correction to .01 degree of accuracy.
  • The data and prescription are then sent to a milling machine in Chicago where the orthotic is made to within 1/10000 in. of the data points and prescription.
  • Orthotic materials made by this process are typically prescriptive for three times the lifespan of other products on the market.
  • The capital investment to produce this device exceeds $250, 000 in contrast to the standard orthotic labs capital investment of less than $150.
  • A pair of the Bergman-designed and -manufactured orthotic devices has remained the same since 1991 at $440, as opposed to an average cost to the other older method devices in Orlando at $500, with a range as high as $800 per pair. Therefore, unparalleled greater accuracy, much greater value brought to bear in production, three times longer prescription lifespan, and less cost than the other older methods available are the advantages of our functional orthotic devices.
Dr. McNamara, our orthotics specialist in Orlando, FL, is the only podiatrist in the state that has made the $16,000 investments in advanced orthotic technology for the benefit of his patients. Get high quality, affordable orthotics when you make an appointment with our experienced podiatrist today.

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