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The Real-Life Cost of Fictional Cars- Infographic

 If you've ever dreamed of owning the Batmobile or the Delorean, you've probably wondered how much owning these fictional cars would cost. From adding a time traveling element (the Delorean) to something as ridiculous as a set of stairs to the exterior (the Stair Car), these add-ons are by no means normal, but imagining how much they'd add to your car payments—and even insurance depending on how unsafe they are—is fun to imagine.

Over at The Zebra, they broke down the cost of owning eight different pop culture cars. There are some rides like the Volkswagon from Little Miss Sunshine that are practically a steal, though you run the risk of having to push your own car to get it to go over 30 mph. Then there are others that though they might be downright impossible to realize in real life, it's fun to imagine that just dropping $480,000 can get you a Jetsons car to fly all over town with.

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