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5 problems billionaires could solve (infographic)

How billionaires could change the world (if they wanted to)

What would you do with $1 billion dollars? The idea of putting it all in one place and rolling around in it might be appealing, but you’d need a very large truck and a good sized swimming pool -- which I suppose you could easily afford.

Pile it high? A stack of $1 Billion in one dollar bills would be about .63 miles high (higher than the world’s tallest building).  

Buy a bunch of fancy toys? If you wasted 1 million per month on shopping sprees it would still take you 83 years to spend it all. Or, if you spent $4320 every day (that’s $1 per second) you could finally get rid of that billion after 32 years.

99.99997% of the population of the world don’t particularly have to worry about this conundrum. However, the around 2200 billionaires in the world have it rough -- surely they don’t know what to do with all that money.

I’m sure you have some ideas. What if, as a collective, all the billionaires in the world chose to use some of their financial gains to spontaneously eradicate a large-scale financial woe in the US? In the infographic below, Self Lender demonstrates just how much good could be accomplished if those that had amassed the most wealth in the world, chose to part with just a percentage of it.

While it’s unlikely for a global cadre of billionaires to decide to suddenly end the money problems of a generation of people, the fact that it’s possible is staggering. Want to see the end of homelessness in the US? Want to see how credit card debt could be completely erased? It’s not as difficult as you might think, with the right investors by your side.

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