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Hacks to Organize Your Refrigerator

Cleaning the fridge is one of the most daunting tasks in your house cleaning regime. Especially if it’s been several months, the fridge can be a dirty place. Having a clean fridge is not only rewarding but much better for your health. Your food will be safe and you’re much less likely to experience contamination or food poisoning.

You should deep clean your fridge about once a quarter. This is about four times per year. If you keep up with it, you’re unlikely to experience too much of a dirty job. This post from Simply Self Storage about how to organize your fridge takes you through the process of cleaning out the fridge from start to finish.

Step 1: Clean out the fridge entirely. Empty it out, wipe down the surfaces and reassemble the fridge. Add a deodorizer while you’re in there!
Step 2: Take out the drawers and soak them in warm water. Give any caked on grease or grime a scrub.
Step 3: Once it’s clean, put a box of baking soda in and get to organizing!


Upper Shelf Organization Hacks

1. Eat Me First Box: Designate a box for food that’s about to expire and put it at the top of the fridge.
2. Lazy Susan: Using a lazy Susan in the fridge makes things so much easier! You’ll never lose anything back there again.

[Lazy Susan GIF]

3. Hang Baskets: If you can, stick things to the side of the fridge for extra storage.

[Basket GIF]

Lower Shelf Organization Hacks:

4. Group Like Items: If there are items that go together like sandwich stuff, put them in the same box!

[Like Items GIF]

5. File Organizers: File organizers for your office make great fridge storage! You can put children’s snacks in them for easy access.

6. Ring Curtain Clips: Buy clips to utilize hanging space in your fridge.

Crisper Drawer Hacks:

[Curtain Ring Clip GIF]

7. Drawer Dividers: Keep everything in their place with drawer dividers.

[Drawer Divider GIF]

8. Line Shelves: Putting down paper towels BEFORE you put veggies in the drawers make cleanup a breeze.

[Paper Towel GIF]

9. Learn Humidity Controls: These are important to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. You can learn about them here!

[Humidity GIF]

Door Hacks:

10. Label Door Sections: Designate each section of the doors for a certain item and label them.

[Label GIF]

11. Use an Egg Carton: Half of an egg carton can be used to store condiments that are almost used up to get every last drop out!

[Egg Carton GIF]

12. Grab and Go: Fill the lowest door shelf with kids drinks and snacks so that they can easily grab it.

[Grab n’ Go GIF]


  1. Cleaning and organising the fridge can be a chore. I like some of your organising tips.


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