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Message Title; Renew Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

The mind is the sketch of foundation of knowledge (Sunesis-means critical experience of wisdom) before acting the final structure.

Watch this, Before God's creative works began He sketches the foundation to put the matter by invention the Sophia wisdom or the excellent Spirit and bring the whole creation into reality.

Hosea 4:6 the Bible says, "My people are perished because of lack of knowledge....."

Philippians 4:7 Bible says, " and God's peace ,which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and mind safe Union with Christ Jesus..”

Thoughts are very powerful weapon than what you think. Your thoughts releases energy currency . Have you ever discovered something in life when you think about someone to call and that person starts think about you and possibly shows up!

Now if you understand the Spirituality of this and the wisdom behind it, it take revelatory knowledge or Ginosko about thoughts in your mind because thoughts transmit energy currency from place to another for example your room could retain your thoughts. Remember ,everything in life has intelligence. 

The things in your room have memory they receive information from you and whatever they get from you can remain in the room.
Watch this, mind is the sketch of thoughts that generates knowledge. Always be consistent in the Word of God "fear not" because the greater One lives within you and don't allow the flow of fear cripple your faith . 

So discipline your mind and use it wisely when negative thoughts come to you thoughts of discomfort, frustration, depression and anger just refuse them by say No! Then utter in boldness words of faith and praise the Lord instead.

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