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How To Start a Blog - Beginners Guide

How to start a blog, Blogging, Blogging tips, Blogging Guide.

Blogging in the past  was not paid much attention to like the attention it's getting now simply because of the various successes recorded recently and that being said, if you are reading this and you really want to know how to start a blog of your own and succeed likewise, then read on cause in this very article i will be explaining in details how you can actually start a blog.

To start a blog there are some key features which is very important if you are to succeed in it in the long run.

  1. Passion: This is the number one on the list, i must be honest with you at this point; if you don't have passion for blogging don't even bother starting a blog.
  2. Commitment: You should be able to commit to your blog if not a 100% at least 80%.
  3. Consistency: To succeed in blogging you must be consistent, do not be a lazy blogger.
  4. Uniqueness: You have to be unique in every sense cause today, there are many blogs on the net and also the competition is very high.
Now to the nitty-gritty of this very article:

                                         How To Start a Blog

To start a blog you have to first and foremost
  1. Decide on a Niche: There is literally a thousand and one niche that you can pick from, you should basically choose based on your top most area of interest or expertise as the case may be, a niche that you can feel comfortable without any tension blogging about.
  2. Choose a name: Now choose a name that best describes what your blog is all about.
  3. Log on to Blogger or Wordpress: After choosing a name that you would love to use the next thing is to log on to or to create your own for free. those are the top 2 when it comes to blogging, with them you can easily set up your blog and be on your own.
  4. Start Publishing Your Posts: After starting your blog the next thing is to start publishing your posts.
Now that your blog is all set and running on a free domain ie or as the case may be, the next thing you need to do is to get a paid domain via the various hosting sites like , , , etc. this will make your blog look professional even if you are not at the moment and also make your blog get brands recognition.

After doing all these, you now have the task of keeping your blog lively by consistently publishing those quality articles/posts, do not be a lazy blogger, even if it seems no one is reading at the moment, trust me there is someone somewhere seeing your efforts and that's why you have to do what you are doing consistently and when the time is right they will come calling.


  1. The simplicity of the post drag my attention. I remember the hustle I had to go through to start blogging. I wish I had that one year back.

  2. This is great information for the new bloggers out there!

  3. Thank you! Hopefully this helps a lot of beginners too! Happy blogging guys!

  4. Great guide that's easy to follow for beginners!

  5. There's so many posts about how to start a blog right now, I wish I had some guides like these 11 years ago! :P I had to figure out how to blog on my own as helpful posts such as this was rare back then and even if there were guides, they weren't as clear and easy to understand like this one.

    You're so kind to share your knowledge to everyone out there who is thinking of starting a blog. :) Yay you!

  6. Great post and really helpful for bloggers like me. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  7. I love how you made it simple to explain how to start a blog.

  8. Nice and simple basic tips. Understanding your niche and your focus is very important when it goes to blogging. it is your identity. it might change overtime but all the time you need to realize it, it like a grasp of reality

  9. Wow, Great article! This is really helps to the all newbie bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Starting a blog was one of the best decisions I could ever make! It made me realize what my passions and talents were and I love it!

  11. Great advice here! I think anyone can start a blog but not many will persevere when it gets hard work. My advice woudl always be that you get what you put in!

  12. A good deal has to do with finding your own voice. The better you find your voice the easier it will be to write. And the second is to be consistent about it for sure. You will have down times and struggle to write, but going back to finding your own voice is essential.

    1. It's beautiful when you find your own voice when blogging. And yes being consistent is the absolute most important thing at the beginning. You need to get into the habit of writing.

  13. This is a great post especially for those who are just starting to blog,, and who are worried of how to blog but can;t ind ny guides on how to do it. Choosing a name can be timeconsuming but it really is important!

  14. Great advice here!

    I realize what my passions and talents.

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